We have more than 20 different kinds of starters for you to enjoy. They are typical Chinese starters and are extremely delicious.

Main Course

Chinese main course usually consists of two kinds, one is rice, which usually served with vegetables and meat. the other is wheaten food such as wonton and jiaozi.


We serve up to 9 kinds of wok dishes, apart of that, you may choose from a variety of toppings and specially prepared sauces.

Xian’s Specials

Guoqiao Noodle was originated in Yunnan, China. To ensure husband working in the field can eat warm food, a housewife invented this dish.
Jiaozi is a popular food in China, especially in the northern provinces, it was typically for Chinese new year's eve.
Ramen originated in China and made its way over to Japan in 1859. The word ramen is a Japanese transcription of the Chinese lamian.